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Hollywood Arms performed at Allen's Community Theatre, March 9-25th!

This warm and funny slice of life is based on, comedian and actress, Carol Burnett’s childhood and is written by Carol and her daughter, Carrie Hamilton. Audiences will laugh and cry as they watch the story of the childhood that birthed Carol’s incredible talent. 

Allen’s Community Theatre presents its next production of its 2017-18 season, “Spotlight on HER”, with the inspiring and humorous play Hollywood Arms directed by Robin Coulonge.

Performances: Allen’s Community Theatre (ACT), 1210 E. Main Street #300, Allen, Texas 75002 (SW corner of Allen Heights and Main Street).” The show opens March 9 and runs through March 25, 2018 with performances Thursdays at 7:30, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00, and Sundays at 3:00. Visit www.allenscommunitytheatre.net to make your reservations today

Set in California in 1941 and 1951, 'Hollywood Arms' is the funny and moving story of three generations of women living on welfare in a one-room apartment, one block north of Hollywood Boulevard. The cast of characters include a tough, funny, yet tender pill-popping Christian Scientist grandmother; a beautiful wide-eyed and distant mother who is struggling to be a writer, only to drown her ambitions in a bottle; a loving but absent and alcoholic father; and a young girl whose only escape is up on the roof of their rundown apartment house where she creates her own magical world at the foot of the Hollywood Hills. Finally, it’s a story about shattered hopes and realized dreams.

About Allen’s Community Theatre:  Allen’s Community Theatre is a 501c3 non-profit member of the Allen Arts Alliance, Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce, Texas Non-profit Theatres and American Association of Community Theater.  Allen's Community Theatre seeks to entertain and enrich the cultural life of the community through a wide variety of challenging and creative theatrical experiences, that welcome all who wish to participate, help, or express themselves through theatre, both on and off stage.  Be part of something dramatic!  Visit www.AllensCommunityTheatre.net for more information.