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Seeking Volunteers for Change The World Weekend, May 17-19th!

More than 100,000 residents live in Allen, Fairview, and Lucas, Texas.

Can you imagine the impact that would be felt if 10 percent of our neighbors came together to make a difference?

We would create a tidal wave of charity that might just change the world.


The annual Change the World Weekend returns to the Allen/Fairview/Lucas area May 17-19th.  Change the World unites area churches, nonprofit organizations, businesses, individuals and families who work together to serve those in need of food, clothing, safe shelter and comfort.

Change the World Allen is dedicated to transforming our local community through acts of service and opportunities to build relationships with our neighbors. Over one weekend every spring, volunteers from many community organizations will form work teams to help local residents by doing general home repair and yard work.

We also lead over 20 agency support, collection/donation, packaging, and other miscellaneous projects such as roadside cleanup, food collection for Allen Community Outreach’s summer food program, care packages for military personnel, and sorting, cleaning, and other service projects with local helping organizations. 

By organizing these projects, we provide an opportunity for neighbors to work side by side, accomplishing the work at hand, but creating an opening for open, honest conversation and mutual respect.


So, how can you help? 

Project Leaders - Home Repair/Yard Work - Are you good with tools? Have some idea how to put up a fence or paint a wall? Are you organized and willing to put together a team to help a neighbor? Then this position is for you! You will receive a mentor to help you with the details as well as a care coordinator to be the primary liaison to the homeowner while you focus on the practical work at hand.

Project Leaders - General Projects - Is there some need in our community that breaks your heart? Do you have a passion and already work with a local helping agency? Would you love to introduce others to this cause and help make a greater impact in the world? Then this position is for you!

Care Coordinators - Are you good with people? Are you a natural listener? Are you willing to pray with others? Then this position is for you! This volunteer is the primary liaison with a project homeowner, listening to their needs, making sure they are comfortable with the work being done on their home, and doing the relational work.

Home Repair/Yard Work Volunteers - Can you swing a hammer or a paint brush? If not, are you willing to learn? Then you are ready for home repair and yard work! Sign up on your own or with a group to make a neighbor’s home a safe, secure environment for their family.

Trailer Brigade – Do you have access to and ability to drive a truck with a trailer? Are you able to help load and unload tools, materials, or worksite debris between May 13-19? Then you are ready to be a member of the trailer brigade! These volunteers are vital to our work as they deliver the materials needed for our home repair/yard work projects and then haul away debris to local dumps.

General Project Volunteers - Find a project that matches your passion and availability, whether it’s packing meals with Kids Against Hunger, picking up roadside litter, collecting food for the hungry, or much more!

Project Patron – Every year, our efforts to change the world cost around $30,000. We truly believe that a crumb and a crumb can make bread, so we welcome financial donations of any amount. We also appreciate in-kind donations of building supplies, fencing materials, etc. If you or your group would like to sponsor one complete home repair/yard work project, the average cost is $1,200. Donations can be made online at www.changetheworldallen.org or checks sent to Change the World Allen, 601 S. Greenville Ave, Allen 75002.

Visit www.changetheworldallen.org to sign up to volunteer or for more information!