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Just for Men

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Just for Men

Melatonin the hormone that fights aging!

Imagine a wonder product that could extend your life by 25% or more. Imagine a product can also help maintain youth and vitality, so you can enjoy work and social activities with the same vigor of your younger years. Perhaps even that it has no or few side effects and is inexpensive. This compound is found in living things and is a hormone called melatonin.

Fall Leaves... Don't Bag Em!

Fall leaves, fall….yes they do. But what are you doing with them? Most folks will bag them, take the bag to the curb and let the city (pick one) take them away to destinations unknown. What they really do is make compost out of them to save room in the landfill. A noble endeavor to be sure but, you can save some of the bagging and trips to the curb if you reuse what Mother Nature has provided. This is not an effort to undermine a city’s recycling programs. This is an effort to make use of the resources that we have available.
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Just for Men Events

Allen Has Initiated A Local Disaster Declaration For Public Health Emergency

The City of Allen initiated a local disaster declaration for public health emergency. To help contain the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in our community, the City is making the following changes which will go into effect immediately:

ShamRock Shindig at Watters Creek, March 14th!

Watters Creek in Allen is having its annual ShamROCK Shindig on March 14 from 1-5 p.m. There will be St. Patty’s Day activities perfect for the whole family, from green-dyed hair to a strolling bagpiper, and even the Creek will be green.
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