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Top 5 Margaritas in Allen

Margaritas, Ritas, Margs…whatever you may call them; have been a staple in our Texas happy hour for decades. Whether they are frozen on the rocks, strawberry, jalapeno or just the good traditional lime, here in Allen we have some of the best! Here are my top five and where to find them!


Top 5 Places To Ring In The New Year In Allen

Ring in 2020 the right way at one of the many parties in and around Allen. If it’s dinner, dancing or live entertainment you’re after, here are just a few of the best ways to say good-bye to a long year and start the next one off right. Here are our picks for the top 5 New Year's Eve parties in Allen


Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Allen

I love eating out, we do it several times a week, so why does eating Italian food seem like such a treat? Maybe because of its rich sauces or because of the warm bread, or maybe it is the family atmosphere that you get when you sit down for an Italian meal. Here are my Top 5 for several different reasons!


Top 5 Unique Places for Live Music in Allen

Music is a universal language that is able to bring people together no matter what age, race, gender or economic background. Music creates a mood whether happy or somber that everyone can relate to. There is just something about going out and watching a band or listening to a musician that is enjoyable to almost everyone. I have written about five completely different places around Allen that you can visit and hear music, some on weeknights and some on the weekends, so go out and enjoy yourself, bring your spouse or a group of friends and let loose!


Top 5 Frozen Treats in Allen

Frozen treats are not just for kids! Between ice-cream, yogurt, ice-cream sandwiches and popsicles, there are hundreds of options, and in Texas we need cold treats like these. This weather is crazy hot so you had better either eat inside or enjoy it fast! So, take a few minutes and treat yourself to something delicious and stay cool at the same time! I visited my favorite top five and cannot wait to tell you about them!


Top 5 Places for Craft Cocktails in Allen

This month for the Top 5, I focused on crafted cocktails. What is the anatomy of a crafted cocktail you ask? A crafted cocktail is one that uses the bar’s best ingredients, which include fresh juices, homemade syrups, and small batch craft spirits! They are all the rage right now and I will tell you that it’s neither a fad nor faze because craft cocktails are made with passion, skill and a greater love for the parts rather than its whole! Check out these restaurants and bars for my top 5 crafted cocktails! CHEERS!


Top 5 Desserts in Allen

Everyone loves dessert! There are hundreds of quotes about dessert out there. Some of my favorites are; “Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts…coincidence…I think not!” Also, there is, “Life is too short, eat dessert first!” If dessert is so good, why do we feel guilty eating it? I say we should not deprive ourselves of the good stuff, life is meant to be enjoyed for the time we are here, so take some time and check out all of these AMAZING dessert options around Allen.


Top 5 Date Nights in Allen

Date Night is defined as a time when a couple can take time for themselves away from children and responsibilities, a time when you find just enough energy to get out of the house for a couple of hours. Life can get so busy these days, but in order to have a healthy marriage or relationship, you need to make time for the two of you to laugh and have fun! Date Nights mean different things to different people, so I have put together a list of my TOP FIVE date night ideas that are right here in Allen.


Top 5 Brunches in Allen

Brunch is defined as; a meal usually eaten late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch. It does not matter how anyone defines it, brunch is seriously the best meal of the day and I was super lucky to get to try several of Allen’s best brunches. I had to narrow it down to my TOP FIVE so read along to see what I chose. I picked each of these restaurants for different reasons, so you really need to try all of them out to see which you like best! If you have any brunches that you would like to tell me about, please send them my way! “Brunch is just the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking!”


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